1. Increase and widen access to students in Mauritius and of the Region
  2. JSS AHER, Mauritius has the potential to become a private JSS AHER, Mauritius in Mauritius. For this to be possible, it will have to meet the requirements of TEC in terms of student numbers and fields of study. It will have to enrol more students and increase its portfolio of programs both in terms of disciplines and levels. A proper market orientation will have to be adopted.

  3. Achieve high international standards of quality and relevance of programs offered
  4. To be a leader in the provision of higher education, JSS AHER, Mauritius will have to offer and maintain quality programs of international standards. Linkages need to be established with renowned institutions.

  5. Enhance the orientation capacity, quality and output of Research
  6. This is an area which is vital for any higher education institution. JSS AHER, Mauritius needs to promote and foster research and innovation.

  7. Enhance Student learning experience
  8. JSS AHER, Mauritius must ensure the best learning experiences for its students by adopting best practices such as innovative education technologies, conducive learning environment, quality staff and proper teaching and learning infrastructure.

  9. Achieve good governance, cost effectiveness and financial sustainability
  10. In order to remain competitive, JSS AHER, Mauritius must adopt good governance practices, revisit its structures, monitor costs and review its business model.

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